Working Papers

Capital Taxes with Real and Financial Frictions

revisions requested, Macroeconomic Dynamics

The Distributional Effects of Redistributional Tax Policy
(with Richard W. Evans, Evan Magnusson, Kerk L. Phillips, Shanthi Ramnath, and Isaac Swift)
revisions requested, Quantitative Economics

Corporate Taxpayer Responses to Size-Based Enforcement and Disclosure Thresholds
(with Bibek Adhikari and Erin Towery)
revisions requested, Journal of Public Economics

Inferring the Political Preferences of Presidential Candidates from Their Tax Policy Proposals
(with John P. Ryan)

Growing old gracefully: fiscal policy for ageing society
(with Richard W. Evans, Jonathan Pycroft, and Magda Zachłod-Jelec)

Taxing income or consumption: macroeconomic and distributional effects for Italy
(with Diego d’Andria, Richard W. Evans, Jonathan Pycroft, and Magda Zachłod-Jelec)

The Determinants of Radio Mergers
(with Adam Rennhoff and Michael Roach)

Cash Flow Taxes, Investment, and Corporate Financial Policy

Methodology to Identify Small Businesses and Their Owners
Office of Tax Analysis, Technical Paper 4 (with Matt Knittel, Susan Nelson, John Kitchen, James Pearce, and Richard Prisinzano)